Port of Vancouver

"Adversity introduces us to ourselves." – Winston Churchill


For years I have been cycling across the Iron Workers' Memorial Second Narrows Bridge every day, rain or shine, stopping to absorb the breathtaking views, to sketch the boats, birds, mountains and industrial buildings and to record the names and countries of origin (or registration) of the ships berthed at Lynnterm and Cascadia Terminals.I always thought that one day I would turn these sketches into a body of work I could share with others. As a full time commercial artist, one of the 'working stiffs' of the art world, projects for clients took precedence and the sketches of the port just piled up.

This exhibit was actually caused by an out of control cement truck and subsequently assisted by an inattentive driver. Last November, while stopped at a red light, my van was rear ended by an Ocean Concrete mixer, resulting in injuries that prevented me from riding my bike or silkscreening for several months. Five days after my last physiotherapy session for these injuries, I was run down while crossing Victoria drive. Again, my shoulder was damaged and I am currently in physiotherapy in an attempt to regain enough use of my shoulder to return to the demands of large scale mural projects and commercial screenprinting.

After a very brief period of being depressed about what I was not able to do as a result of the first accident, I turned to my sketches and creating this body of work turned out to be the best 'art therapy' possible. By the time I was hit by the car in March, this work was well underway. Although the reality of more pain and more physio was for a brief time mind-boggling, working on these paintings and thinking how lucky I am to be able to still paint at all soon dispelled the fog. Two wonderful healers, my doctor, Marjorie Zapf-Gilje and my physiotherapist, Gaby Law, have brought me through this challenging period and I am deeply grateful to them both for their assistance and encouragement. I also want to thank my friends who have supported and helped me with this project and life in general. My family has been a rock of support throughout this period. They never have allowed me to take myself or my art too seriously, and their humorous critiques of my art and everything else I do have always kept life in perspective for me. My sincere thanks to one and all: this exhibit would not have been possible without you.

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