Eileen Mosca has never seen a wall she didn't want to paint. She has done murals in New York, Boston, and Jerusalem as well as in Vancouver and its suburbs. In addition to residential, institutional and commercial murals, she has worked with school children and community groups on large and small-scale mural projects.


School Murals

Every Spring since 1992 Eileen has worked as artist-in-residence in numerous Vancouver elementary schools. She has worked with grade 3 and 4 students at Garibaldi, Dickens, Mackenzie, Mt Pleasant, Tillicum False Creek, and other schools to create indoor and outdoor murals. Every child in the selected grade participates in planning, discussing, designing and painting the mural with Eileen.

Graham Bruce Elementary School Murals

Eileen recently worked with grade 5 and 6 students at Graham Bruce Elementary School  in Vancouver to create a mural based on a sustainable future.  These classes have been connected to the UBC Farm program, and through gardening and field trips they are very familiar with environmental and local food initiatives.

After spending time discussing and brainstorming the content of the mural with all 50 students, Eileen worked with a smaller group of kids to turn everyone's ideas and drawings into a mural design that expressed their views and hopes for a 'green future.'  She outlined this on a 100 ft wall and then each child spent an hour or more painting the mural with Eileen's guidance.

Institutional Murals

BC Children's Hospital, Sunnyhill Hospital and facilities in Surrey and Burnaby feature murals designed and painted by Eileen.

BC Childrens

Here are the photos from a mural project at BC Children's Hospital that was completed last spring. I worked with some amazing parents and patients adding flowers and butterflies to the hallway leading to the Oncology Ward. In September we painted in the main section of the ward, working with kids and parents who fill me with awe and admiration for their strength and positive attitudes.


BC Children's Hospital MRI Waiting Room Mural



This recent mural project at BC Children's Hospital transformed a windowless, institutional looking tub room into a brighter and friendlier place for kids to enjoy bath time. This mural was sponsored by the terrific Team Finn Foundation.

Commercial Murals

One recent mural commission in North Vancouver involved working from the top of a ladder in a skylight well.

Office Project

Gourmet Warehouse

Anton's Restaurant

Community Murals

Designing and organizing community murals in connection with the Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre's anti-graffiti program is one of Eileen's favourite volunteer activities. She creates simple designs that are suitable for painting by people of all ages and artistic abilities, outlining the mural elements and indicating the colours for each area. The Florida Market mural, shown above, was completed in July 2003. It involved over 30 community residents who participated in what was called " Vancouver's largest paint-by-number project."


Florida Market: Commercial and Napier

Community Mural 2005: Victoria and Kitchener

William and Victoria

Music Project


Community Garden


On September 29th about 50 people came out to paint a community mural at the garden at McSpadden Park on Victoria Drive. My design, created after consultation with a panel of gardeners, was approved by Park Board. 



What do kids see when they are lying on a table in an examination or treatment room at BC Children's Hospital? In many rooms, they are looking at ordinary while ceiling tiles. But BCCH is changing that...this is the second set of ceiling tiles I've painted. The first was parrots and musical notes. The tiles are popped out of the ceiling in the morning and brought out for me to work on. They are completed and ready for reinstallation at the end of the day. These tiles are alternated with plain tiles in a pattern centred on the patient's point of view.



Over 60 community volunteers of all ages participated in a giant paint-by-number mural that wraps around the fieldhouse in this well used local park (1200 block Commercial Drive). After just a week, the mural was damaged by graffiti taggers, but volunteers are currently working to restore it. This 'temporary art installation' will be on view until July when the park will be closed for redevelopment and renovation.

BC Hydro

Before and After

In late March 2009, Eileen used the kids' art to paint another padmount transformer. This one, at the foot of Davie Street on the seawall in Vancouver, includes the images and words from children attending the workshops she conducted at Trout Lake, Strathcona and Roundhouse Community Centres.

Hundreds of people passed by and commented positively on this high visibility padmount. Neighbours and tourists expressed their appreciation of the children's words and pictures as well as their wish that similar electrical boxes in the city be transformed in this way.


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